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Mayan Paintings

by Linda McManus on March 10, 2015, no comments

The Mayan art, particularly the Mayan paintings were all depiction of the cultures and traditions of this once great civilization in Mesoamerica. Of course, other early civilizations may also have their paintings and sculpture depict their earlier lifestyle. But, the Mayan paintings along with its architectural designs and sculpture are very distinct in style and […]

Mayan Religious Beliefs and Deities

by Linda McManus on February 22, 2014, no comments

Nothing could be more appropriate than to call attention once more to the supreme importance of religion in the life of the ancient Maya. Religion was indeed the very fountain-head of their civilization, and on its rites and observances they lavished a devotion rarely equaled in the annals of man. To its great uplifting force was due the conception and evolution of the hieroglyphic writing and calendar, alike the invention and the exclusive property of the priesthood. To its need for sanctuary may be attributed the origin of Maya architecture; to its desire for expression, the rise of Maya sculpture. All activities reflected its powerful influence and all were more or less dominated by its needs and teachings. In short, religion was the foundation upon which the structure of the Maya civilization was reared.

Mayan Sculpture

by Linda McManus on July 12, 2013, one comment

Egypt and Rome were among the earliest human civilizations and so were the Maya. The Mayans can be considered as one of the earliest developed human civilization because they were noted for the fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas, meaning, before Columbus even discovered America. It is a Mesoamerican civilization and it was discovered that the Mayans were well-known for their art, architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems. So that one can fully imagine what a Mayan civilization looks like, think of it as today’s New York City or London, England.

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