Mayan Sculpture

Egypt and Rome were among the earliest human civilizations and so were the Maya.  The Mayans can be considered as one of the earliest developed human civilization because they were noted for the fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas, meaning, before Columbus even discovered America.  It is a Mesoamerican civilization and it was discovered that the Mayans were well-known for their art, architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems.  So that one can fully imagine what a Mayan civilization looks like, think of it as today’s New York City or London, England.

There are many things that people find fascinating about Maya and the Mayans. Among them is Mayan sculpture.  Most of the sculptures that were found are made of stone.  One can see the main sculptural style of the Mayans in Izapa, a large settlement on the Pacific coast where one can find a lot of stelas and frog-shaped altars.  (more…)

Mayan Culture

They Mayan culture is undeniably known for their love of art. It can be seen through their sculptures especially on their altars and one can even see the Mayan culture in each of the bodies of the Mayan themselves through tattoos.  The fact of the matter is Mayan-inspired tattoos are now very popular in the modern world.

Little was known about the Mayan culture and the whole Mayan civilization in general since they have seemingly disappeared without a trace and only the remains of their civilization can be seen by tourists from all over the world.  In general, the Mayan civilization and culture were among the originals of the New World and  has spanned for more than 3,000 years.  Their original home turf was the Yucatan Peninsula on the eastern part of the Mesoamerica.  Based on the findings of archaeologists and anthropologists, the Mayan civilization was densely populated and one can even compare the Mayan civilization to that of New York City or London today in terms of population.  (more…)