Maya and The Number Seven

Nearly all the monuments of Yucatan bear evidence that the Mayas had a predilection for number seven. Since we find that their artificial mounds were composed of seven superposed platforms; that the city of Uxmal contained seven of these mounds; that the north side of the palace of King Can was adorned with seven turrets; that the entwined serpents, his totem, which adorn the east facade of the west wing of this building, have seven rattles; that the head-dress of kings and queens were adorned with seven blue feathers; in a word, that the number seven prevails in all places and in everything where Maya influence has predominated.

It is a fact, and one that may not be altogether devoid of significance, that this number seven seems to have been the mystic number of many of the nations of antiquity. It has even reached our times as such, being used as symbol by several of the secret societies existing among us. (more…)