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Hard to Find Mayan Items

by Dian Obligacion on January 10, 2014, no comments

Long even before all people of the world knows about the Mayan calendar of doomsday, which everybody already know was not true, a lot of people are already fascinated very much by theĀ cultures and tradition of the Mayans. Well, that is not surprising because, the fact of the matterĀ is, the Mayans is one group of […]

Mayan Artwork

by Linda McManus on July 10, 2013, no comments

The Mayan artwork is very distinctive when it comes to style and the medium they were using during the time their civilization were in power. The Mayan artwork spares nothing. The Maya adorned their walls (murals) with paintings and even sculptures including lintels and stelas. Most of the Mayan artworks from paintings to sculpture depict the everyday life of the Mayans and how they respect and bow down low to the men and women who were in power. They even consider these men and women as god-like. These artworks were also used to tell the history and even predict the future of the things to come not only of the Mayans but of the whole world as well.

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