Images of Chichen Itza

Images of Chichen Itza

Was Climate Change Responsible for the Decline of Mayan Civilization?

Was Climate Change Responsible for the Decline of Mayan Civilization?


If you  entertain in your mind the phrase, “History repeats itself”, then, you might want to focus on something that can really prove that history does repeats itself time and time again.  We have learned all about the rise and fall of the ancient Mayan civilization.  They were once a group of people who were considered to be the most progressive population during their time aside form, of course, the ancient Egyptians.  The ancient Mayans have contributed significant legacies to the world ranging from architecture, farming or agriculture and even science, mathematics, logic and infrastructure, to name a few.  During their time, it seems that these people were destined to be the super nation up to the present time. Alas, they vanished!  There was a time that they just disappeared without a trace, with the flick of the switch, with the breath of the wind. (more…)

Mayan Paintings

The Mayan art, particularly the Mayan paintings were all depiction of the cultures and traditions of this once great civilization in Mesoamerica. Of course, other early civilizations may also have their paintings and sculpture depict their earlier lifestyle. But, the Mayan paintings along with its architectural designs and sculpture are very distinct in style and they are always considered as the most beautiful in the ancient New World. The development of the Mayan art, particularly the Mayan paintings, started during the pre-classic period. This was around 1500 B.C. to 250 A.D. (more…)

How Old Are the Mayan Ruins?

An old but interesting read on the age of the ancient Maya ruins:



(From the American Anthropologist (N. S.), Vol. 3, October-December, 1901)





The inscription lately discovered in Chichen Itza by Edward H. Thompson, United States Consul at Merida, is of more than passing interest. It contains an Initial Series of glyphs, which, so far as I know, gives the only initial date that has been found in the northern part of Yucatan. (more…)

Were The Ancient Mayans From Another World?

Just like the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Mayans were a race of people that has contributed largely to what the world is right now. They have greatly contributed a lot of things and a lot of ideas especially about agriculture, astronomy, engineering, science and a lot of other things. They have built great stone structures that we call as pyramids just like their counterpart in ancient Egypt and if you have seen that documentary video, “The Great Secrets of the Pyramid”, you could almost swear that all of these pyramids are in perfect alignment with each other despite the fact that they are thousands of miles away from each other.

Now, what has this got to do with the Mayans and the most celebrated “controversy” of all which is the Mayan Calendar? It is now 2014 and two years ago, almost the whole world were blanketed with fear and awe because of that Mayan prediction that the world will end on December 21, 2012 or for today, rather, that world would have ended on that date. But, it didn’t and that was a relief.

This raises the question to some of the most far-out minds: “Were the ancient Egyptians including the ancient Mayans came from another world?

I have read this book written by David Wilcock which is entitled “The Synchronicity Key”. In his book, Wilcock embarks on a journey that will really astonish everyone. He had made a lot of investigative reports that have touched topics beyond those prophecies and found proof that everything in our lives is not only connected but it all influences everything else.

I have also heard from other people and I can’t remember when and where and who that it seems that these ancient races have all the access to something beyond our knowledge today. How could somebody or a group of people build huge structures using nothing but stones and their bare hands and anything that can be practically found all over the place? How did the ancient Egyptians did that? How did the Mayans built those huge cities? Some of these people believed that these ancient races were actually aliens from another planet or galaxy and aside from these structures that they have built, they might also have the key to the things to come our way, but, they were just greatly misinterpreted and modern man miscalculated.

Mayan Celebrations And Holidays

This November, just before Thanksgiving, I myself and my wife are planning to take the kids to a unique vacation, one that we haven’t experienced yet. We have considered a lot of things. We  could go on a cruise ship vacation in the Bahamas or we can go to the Philippines either in Cebu  or Boracay Island and a lot more. But, we already have that done-that-been-there attitude. So, something new would be nice. I am a runner and so are my wife and two kids, aged 15 and 18.

So, we scanned for running events from other places during that month and we hit a jackpot- a Mayan Maraton which will be held in Guatemala especially in Amatitlan. One thing’s for sure. This vacation of ours is going to be one-of-a-kind! So, what do we expect on this Mayan Maraton? I’ve heard that Mayan places like Guatemala has a lot of things to offer to tourists like us. We assume that the Roman Catholics are the only ones who has elaborate celebrations of anything especially holy celebrations. But, we are wrong.

The Mayans have a lot of things to celebrate all year round. That means to say that if we can’t  go to the Mayan Maraton and participate and enjoy our vacation, we can enjoy the place, the scenery, the wonderful people, the exotic foods and, for sure, a lot of ancient Mayan artifacts any time of the year when we want to.


I have been trying to find a list of Mayan holidays and, fortunately, I have found one. Actually, the one that I’ve found is a list of Mayan celebrations in the highlands of Chiapas in Mexico. So, if ever we change our minds and go to Mexico instead of Guatemala, we already have the list of  their holidays. Anyway, Chiapas and Guatemala are just neighbors, so to speak.

They are also celebrating New Year’s Day on January 1st Sebastian and Dia de San Ildefonso on the same month. February holds the biggest celebration which is “Carnaval”. Actually, it will take place in various like in Tenejapa, San Juan Chamula, San Pedro Chenalhó and San Andrés Larráinzar. The spectacular festivities take place over a week-long period.

Almost all months of the year, they have celebrations like Festival de San Pedro and other celebrations. But the biggest ones are held in the month of December. They have Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe, Dia de Santa Lucia, Fiesta de Santo Tomas and, of course, New Year’s Eve.

It seems like most of their celebrations are akin to what Roman Catholics are celebrating. However, if you are looking for some ancient Mayan artifacts and other items and/or you just want to be fascinated with their people and places, you can actually find what you want in any area where Mayans exist.

Going back to our marathon dream at Guatemala, well, if we can’t join, we can always to go Chiapas and other Mayan areas and enjoy our vacation and we will be enjoying it every minute since we will be together as one family.