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How Old Are the Mayan Ruins?

by Linda McManus on February 15, 2014, no comments

The inscription lately discovered in Chichen Itza by Edward H. Thompson, United States Consul at Merida, is of more than passing interest. It contains an Initial Series of glyphs, which, so far as I know, gives the only initial date that has been found in the northern part of Yucatan.

Although it may be a matter of doubt on what date the long count declared by the Initial Series began, yet, if we assume that the majority of the initial dates refer to the time when the buildings or stelæ on which the dates occur were erected (and this assumption seems altogether probable), we can at least decide on the relative age of the ruined cities in which the buildings or stelæ are found.

Was Climate Change Responsible for the Decline of Mayan Civilization?

by Linda McManus on February 2, 2014, no comments

By looking back at what transpired with Mayan civilization, we can witness history repeating itself especially in today’s world. We are also the same mistakes the ancient Mayans have made. Climate change and deforestation were significant factors in the demise of Mayan civilization.

Were The Ancient Mayans From Another World?

by Dian Obligacion on February 1, 2014, one comment

Just like the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Mayans were a race of people that has contributed largely to what the world is right now. They have greatly contributed a lot of things and a lot of ideas especially about agriculture, astronomy, engineering, science and a lot of other things. They have built great stone structures that we […]

Mayan Celebrations And Holidays

by Dian Obligacion on January 29, 2014, no comments

This November, just before Thanksgiving, I myself and my wife are planning to take the kids to a unique vacation, one that we haven’t experienced yet. We have considered a lot of things. We  could go on a cruise ship vacation in the Bahamas or we can go to the Philippines either in Cebu  or Boracay […]

Mayan Culture

by Linda McManus on July 12, 2013, no comments

Although it may seem that the Mayan civilization was already left behind by time, there are still a lot of the descendants of the Mayans of long ago that are among the world’s population. As a matter of fact, there are still over 500 different Mayan dialects that are still being used up to this day.

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