Was Climate Change Responsible for the Decline of Mayan Civilization?


If you  entertain in your mind the phrase, “History repeats itself”, then, you might want to focus on something that can really prove that history does repeats itself time and time again.  We have learned all about the rise and fall of the ancient Mayan civilization.  They were once a group of people who were considered to be the most progressive population during their time aside form, of course, the ancient Egyptians.  The ancient Mayans have contributed significant legacies to the world ranging from architecture, farming or agriculture and even science, mathematics, logic and infrastructure, to name a few.  During their time, it seems that these people were destined to be the super nation up to the present time. Alas, they vanished!  There was a time that they just disappeared without a trace, with the flick of the switch, with the breath of the wind. (more…)