History of The Maya

Many people believe that the ancient Mayans self destructed by their own practices.  They figuratively killed themselves by going head-on with progress but never realized to themselves that by doing so, they were slowly decaying and destroying their civilization.  The Maya built a lot of structures to cater to their increasing populace.  They cut down trees so that they can use those trees to burn limestone and use the burnt limestone to build pyramids, houses and other structures.

By looking back at what transpired with Mayan civilization, we can witness history repeating itself especially in today’s world.  We are also the same mistakes the ancient Mayans have made.  Another thing that can point out that history repeats itself is the climate change that the ancient Mayans experienced during their heyday.  We can consider them the “pioneers of everything” until around 6th century A.D.  By 900 A.D., after which, most of the great stone cities of the ancient Mayans were totally abandoned.


Mayan Pyramid
The ancient Maya emerged from barbarism probably during the first or second century of the Common Era; at least their earliest dated monuments cannot be ascribed to a more remote period. How long a time had been required for the development of their complex calendar and hieroglyphic system to the point of graphic record, it is impossible to say, and any estimate can be only conjectural. It is certain, however, that a long interval must have elapsed from the first crude and unrelated scratches of savagery to the elaborate and involved hieroglyphs found on the earliest monuments, which represent not only the work of highly skilled sculptors, but also the thought of intensively developed minds. Read More